Friday 27 March 2015

Welcome to Avalon

It won't be long until the 4th book in my Avalon series, Fourth to Run is released which has left me feeling somewhat reflective.

I was twenty three when I first went to Avalon and wrote about Aiden's introduction to the town and its secrets in First to Fall. I didn't anticipate that a number of years later - I can't say how many since a lady doesn't disclose her true age ; ) - that I'd be preparing to head back to Avalon once more.

Both Aiden and the town of Avalon are very special to me as they've evolved along with me right from my first initial steps in to the scary world of being a professional author.

If you've yet to visit Avalon it is a small town with very big secrets. The more time Aiden spends there the more he becomes embroiled in the town's intricate web of lies. But in Fourth to Run his loyalty to Avalon is pushed to the limit. Just how far will he go to protect the town he calls home?

In the lead up to the release of the new book the first three novels are all currently on offer so its a good time to snap them up!

Hopefully I'll have a shiny new cover to share soon! Until then have a great weekend and do pay Avalon a visit if you get chance : )


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