Monday 7 March 2016

Mum's the Word

Since yesterday was Mother's Day here in the UK I thought I'd start the week with a blog post dedicated to all the fictional Mums who I've created in the last few years. Some of them are arguably much more deserving of a pampering on Mother's Day than others...

Isla Connelly

Isla is Aiden's wife in my Avalon series and mother to their little daughter, Meegan. She's had a tough time adjusting to her new life outside of the city and adapting to being a full time Mom. She does her best with her young daughter but sometimes lets her frustrations get the best of her. 

She hooked her basket to the back of the stroller to stop Meegan loading it up with random goods. However, this didn’t stop the little girl, as when Isla looked down to check on her she was holding a box of crackers, a jar of peaches and a packet of spaghetti.
‘Oh, Meegan,’ she despaired, removing the items and trying to find their appropriate location on the shelves. ‘What has Mommy told you about picking things up in shops?’
Meegan just laughed as her mother scolded her and started reaching out for more treasures.
‘Stop that!’ Isla pushed the stroller into the centre of the aisle so that Meegan couldn’t reach any of the items.
‘Kids can sure be tricky,’ a male voice from behind her noted.
‘Yes, they can be very tricky,’ Isla said, turning around. She was greeted by a tall man; she guessed late fifties by the lines on his face and the grey in his hair. He was devilishly handsome though, even more so as he was wearing a pale blue shirt which was unbuttoned enough to hint at an admirable physique.
‘Oh, hello, I don’t think we’ve met. I’m Isla Connelly.’ She offered him her hand and blushed profusely when he kissed the back of it in a gentlemanly manner.

 Angie Trafford

Angie is Mum to Maggie in Dare to Dream along with Maggie's unruly siblings. Like Isla, Angie struggles with motherhood. She regularly feels like she's fighting a losing battle as she tries tirelessly to raise her children alone whilst rubbing two pennies together in the hope of making three.

‘Jack, Kyle! Whichever of you is making that racket, turn it down!’ Maggie’s mother threw the kitchen door open, hot and bothered and clearly annoyed by her sons’ inconsiderately loud music. She glared angrily at the ceiling, brandishing her baking spoon like a weapon. Angie Trafford was in her late thirties but she appeared much older. Raising five children single handily had taken its toll and she looked haggard and her eyes were forever shrouded by dark shadows. It pained Maggie to see her mother like that but there was little that could be done; they had no money and could just about survive day to day.  

Eileen Summers

Mother to Dawn from Sunkissed, Eileen is a broken woman. She's being forced to watch her daughter slowly waste away and sadly Dawn won't be the first child she's lost. Eileen is a product of her time; hardened by the cruelties her life on the frontier has forced her to endure
The only respite Dawn had from her ailments came when sleep took her, and in these moments she could find peace once more. Eileen longed for the day when the Lord would be merciful and end Dawn’s worldly struggles, she hated how she had become hardened to her suffering and it was in both of their interests for Dawn to eternally be at peace. Lately, Dawn had taken to sleeping more as her body slowly began to run out of energy, unable to keep fighting against the disease which relentlessly tore through it. She would die soon, and the thought of it gave Eileen some morbid comfort.

Ivy Johnson

Later this year I’ll be introducing readers to my favourite fictional Mum yet, Ivy Johnson. She is an utter gem; the embodiment of kindness, generosity and patience so it’s little wonder her daughter, Tilly, adores her. And hopefully readers will too when they meet her in Paper Princess, the first book in my Princess Trilogy. Here’s just the smallest of teasers from the book;

“Thank you, sweetheart,” Ivy Johnson smiled. Whenever she smiled her features softened in such a way that Tilly’s mother looked like it would be physically impossible for her to ever be mean.

Who are some of your favourite fictional Mothers?