Monday 25 November 2013

YA Bloggers are the Best!

Since Sunkissed's release I've been busy trying to drum up interest and generate as many reviews as possible and am so grateful to the numerous YA Book Bloggers who have been kind enough to take a chance on an unknown author and read and review the story.

It is incredibly tense waiting for reviews to come in but when someone loves your story and gets what you are trying to say it is an amazing moment. It justifies all the blood, sweat and tears which go in to writing a novel. All the moments of self doubt when you're sat alone at your laptop wondering if anyone will ever want to read the novel you are pouring yourself in to.

So thank you, to the bloggers who have been wonderful enough to share their reviews of Sunkissed. Below are some of my favorite comments;

'It was a truly magnificent read that deserves all the recognition it gets.' - @Little Memoirs

'If Snow White was a vampire she would be Dawn!' -

'An exciting adventure that you won't be able to put down!' -

I particularly love reading people's reactions to different characters, Thomas seems to have people divided! Anyone, massive thanks, keep reading and keep blogging! And thanks to those reviewers for the inspiration, my aim for 2014 is to complete Sunkissed's sequel, Sunburn!