Thursday 11 July 2013

Looking Ahead

So I've got a lot of positive things lined up. My second book will hopefully be out before the end of this year.  As soon as I get a release date I'll post it on here. I'm also in negotiations with some other publishers about a British crime thriller I've written so that's potentially pretty exciting.

Very randomly I've been invited to speak on an American talk show which actually terrifies me. Those who know me will be aware of how much I struggle with that sort of thing. For me, the writing is the easy part its the selling myself aspect that I find horrific. I wish I could create a clone Carys to go out and do all the PR stuff for me whilst I stay home relaxing in a onesie... Oh well.

Back to enjoying this rare bout of beautiful British weather. I've even managed to do some writing outside this week which has been lovely (just don't mention the sunburn).