Monday 31 March 2014

One Week...

One Week

Prime Deception will be released one week today. On Monday 7th April the book will go live and I'll be left nervously climbing the walls waiting for reviews to come in.

I always hope that people will enjoy my books, especially as a I loved writing them so much. I'm not doing anything special on my release day. I'll walk my dog, hang out with friends, nothing out of the ordinary. To me, the most amazing part of it all is just being able to share my stories with people. Everything else is just a bonus. 

I never stop writing. At the moment I'm working away on two freelance projects and also a new book of my own. My new book is a stand alone novel and once I've finished it I'll return to some of my series and work on a sequel or two. I like being able to mix things up and work on what I'm currently in the mood for, I think it helps to keep my writing fresh and stops things getting stale.

But Prime Deception is my current baby. It's about to be kicked out of the nest and in to the big wide world. It has a lot of similarities to my first novel, Not All Stars Sparkle, whilst being unique in its own right. It is definitely the most British book I've written so far which is a surprise as I'm proper British myself and quite open about my tea addiction! 

If people do go and buy Prime Deception, thank you so much, I hope you have a lot of fun reading it. I think CarinaUK did an amazing job with the cover and really managed to capture the essence of the novel. I'm really proud of the story, but its not just mine anymore, its almost out there for everyone to enjoy! 

Have a great week, see you on release day!