Monday 24 June 2013


So I'm pretty much done with editing my Young Adult vampire novel, Sunkissed, so hopefully it won't be too long before it has a publication date.

I never enjoy editing. Compared to writing, which is fun and creative and without boundaries, editing can seem tedious and frustrating. I'd much rather be creating a new story than polishing a previous one.

But editing is an essential part of the whole process. I'm sure other writers find it just as much of a chore as I do.

Monday 17 June 2013

My First Post...

So I thought that it was high time I started my own blog. So here it is! Ta-dah! lol. I'm still new to the wide world of blogging so please bear with me. 

I will be using my blog to update about my current literary ventures as and when they occur. 

 A current update; my second book, Sunkissed, has recently been picked up by an American publisher so I'm now in the long process of editing my manuscript. Exciting! 

If you can't wait that long you could always check out my first book, Not All Stars Sparkle. 

When I'm not blogging, writing new material or editing old stuff I'm hanging out with my dog Rollo who is, in my opinion, the best dog in the world (not that I'm biased). 

For the cute factor, here is an adorable picture of Rollo for you to go awwww at! : )