Monday 9 March 2015

A Very Special Package

This morning I had literally just finished writing the latest chapter in my WIP when the doorbell rang. Grumbling I removed my blanket, reluctantly left my laptop and headed down the stairs. When I opened the door and saw the UPS guy my heart starting pounding because I knew what it meant; my books had arrived!

Shipped all the way from America my books had been on a long journey and had finally reached my anxious little hands! I couldn't open the box fast enough, while Rollo sensed my excitement and started to try and chew the corners. When I opened the box and reached in to find ten beautiful copies of Dare to Dream the world slowed and for the first time in ages...I cried.

The books are BEAUTIFUL! The pictures I've taken seriously don't do them justice. As I turned over those few first pages and read the familiar opening lines of Dare to Dream it all suddenly seemed so wonderfully real. I was sat alone in my bright pink writing room holding a copy of my book. So much of my time is spent locked away in solitude that I rarely have moments like these which are worthy of celebration. 

But my jubilation was short lived as Rollo eagerly shoved his wet little nose in to the box and tried to grab his own copy. I managed to distract him with the packaging which he merrily chewed on while I let the excitement of the moment sink in. And then it was back to reality. This afternoon will be spent editing another book and tomorrow I'll be writing yet another chapter in my WIP. 

I need to offer my publisher, Reuts, huge congratulations for how they have helped me on my long road to publication. They took my story and placed it in this beautiful package which I'm utterly thrilled about! Seriously, you all need to go and buy a copy simply to behold it's wonder first hand! 


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