Monday 23 February 2015

New Beginnings

Today for me the start of a new week also means the start of a new story. I always get really excited about starting a new WIP (work in progress). I babble about the story to anyone who will listen, I run key scenes in my mind when I'm walking the dog or taking a bath and then I suddenly disappear...

When I'm writing a story I delve right into it. I stop talking about it and just it I guess. It can be quite consuming but I love it, especially when it's a story I'm crazy excited about. But as the excitement wears off I feel bad for all the other ideas I've brushed aside in honor of this current one. I saw a writer on Twitter talking about how each time she publishes a book she breathes a sigh of relief as it's another story out there because she fears she might not live long enough to write all the stories within her.

And as morbid as that is I totally relate to that. I have a growing list of stories I just have to write. Until they are all down I'll keep having this gnawing emptiness within me, this incessant need to just keep writing. Because writing isn't a choice, its an involuntary impulse like breathing. Both are equally essential to my well being. I know, I know I sound like I'm being WAY overly dramatic but I'm truly not. When I look back at the unhappiest moments in my life they are always the times when I've not been writing. Writing keeps me sane, it keeps me happy.

I just hope that one day I do get to write all of the books residing within me. With each new start to a story I'm one step closer to completing my literary bucket list!

So here's to a new week, a new story and numerous new chapters!


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