Tuesday 3 February 2015

Meet Dawn Brady

Since it's #TeaserTuesday I thought I'd put the spotlight on one of the main characters in Dare to Dream; Dawn Brady. Dawn is Maggie's fiercely loyal best friend who proves that she's more than just a pretty blonde. So I'll let Dawn do something she's pretty good at, which is talking about herself...

Hi, okay, so I'm Dawn Brady. You have probably already heard of me. I'm fourteen and I go to Bainbridge Wells High which is just a dump. I think there are prisons which are nicer than my crappy school! But it's not all bad. Mags is there. 

Mags, Maggie, is my BFF and I love her to bits. She's seriously the smartest person I've ever met! We do pretty much everything together. Maggie even watches my Hartford's Place DVDs with me even though I can tell she doesn't like it since she can never keep track of who is dating who. But I LOVE Hartford's Place it is like, the best show ever! I wish my school was more like Hartford High, full of hot guys with great suntans and ripped abs...

What else is there to say? Umm. Well si My favorite flavor ice cream is cherry, I never leave home without my lip gloss and my inhaler and I can just about wrap my leg around my head. It's pretty much the only thing I picked up when my Mum used to make me take gymnastics lessons. I don't really do sports. Sweating is just...urgh. Wrong. 

I can't wait to leave Bainbridge. As soon as school finishes I'm getting the hell out of there and I'm taking Maggie with me! Though I'm pretty sure she's destined to go to some hot shot university like Oxford or Cambridge. So maybe I'd follow her to London, I don't know. What I do know is that Mags is my best friend, without her life would totally suck. She makes me laugh and actually listens to me. I'd follow Mags to the ends of the earth if she asked me because that's what best friends do. 


Want to read more about Dawn and Maggie? Well you don't have to wait long as Dare to Dream is officially being released on 17th February! That's just a few weeks away! Until then make sure you add Dare to Dream on goodreads are there will be some exciting competitions being announced on there shortly!

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