Saturday 10 January 2015

Release Day for Third to Die

Hope everyone is having a lovely Saturday. Mine is particularly exciting as my latest book, Third to Die, is released today.

So what does a release day exactly entail? Other than waking up with a churning feeling in my gut as I worry what people will make of the story, not much. I'm not really one for any type of elaborate fanfare. My biggest wish with any of my books is that the people who read them enjoy them. I might stretch to a celebratory cupcake later but for me, Third to Die flew the nest long ago. I'm already hard at work on the next book in my Avalon series, Fourth to Run.

I really love writing my Avalon series and I'm fortunate to have been given the opportunity to develop the series in to four books. Aiden and co have started to feel like family to me. When I return to the sleepy, sun baked town of Avalon everywhere seems so familiar and comforting. But after I've completed Fourth to Run I'll be having a break from Aiden for the rest of the year to concentrate on other projects.

Now all that remains for me to do with Third to Die is to sit back and let it take flight on its own. I've poured my blood, sweat and imagination in to the book and that's all I can do. My part in the process is now over, the book now belongs to the readers!

Since I'm rather boring on release day I'll imagine how Aiden would celebrate if he knew his stories were being released out in to the world. He'd crack open a beer, relax in the sunshine in his back yard and savor the silence and tranquility of Avalon. That is until someone bursts through the door prompting the start of his next adventure, but you'll have to wait for that one ; )

If you've read Third to Die please let me know what you think as I always love to hear from readers!

Have a great weekend!


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