Monday 22 December 2014

Looking ahead to 2015...

Since I'm more for looking forward than glancing back I thought that as 2014 draws to a close I'd write about all the exciting things that are glittering on the horizon for 2015! 

Firstly, on 10th January the 3rd book in my Avalon series, Third to Die will be released! 

Justice must prevail… Whatever the cost.

Aiden Connelly has settled in to life in Avalon and is developing a reputation as an attorney who will fight for the truth … no matter what enemies he makes along the way.

But when he is asked to look into the tragic death of an old friend ten years before, Aiden is drawn back to his hometown of Greensburg, the town he eagerly fled as a teenager. As the ghosts from Aiden’s past resurface, and new dilemmas rise up to challenge him in Avalon, Aiden begins to wonder if everything he holds true has been built on lies...

The time surrounding a book release is always tense and filled with nervous energy. I'm always excited/terrified to see what people make of my new book and my Avalon series is really special to me as First to Fall was the first book I ever wrote. 

At the start of the New Year I'm going to be re-immersing myself in my fictional world of Avalon as I'll be writing the fourth book in the series, Fourth to Run

But I'll be pulling myself away from writing for the next exciting date for my diary; Tuesday 20th January when the cover for my Young Adult adventure, Dare to Dream, will be revealed. I'm arguably more than a little biased but the cover is truly stunning and I hope that everyone will love it as much as I do! 

Dare to Dream is another story I'm eager to share with people as it is based around my home county of Shropshire and nearby Hawkstone Park as well as some other famous British landmarks like Stonehenge. I'd tell you more but really you need to read the book to gain a more in depth understanding of the relevance of these locations ; ) 

Finally, at the end of January I'm going to London to discuss some projects which are currently shrouded in secrecy. 

So you can see why I'm eagerly anticipating the arrival of the New Year! I've got lots of exciting things coming up! However, Christmas gives me a much needed opportunity to wind down and enjoy some quality time with family and friends. I hope you all get to do the same. 

I'll be signing off until the New Year to focus finishing the edits on Dare to Dream and start the drafting process for Fourth to Run. Hope you've been good enough to Santa to give you what you've been hoping for! 

Wishing you all a fantastic 2015!


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