Thursday 13 October 2016

What Makes a Princess?

Today is Paper Princess' publication day. Yay! So in honour of the book being out in the wild I thought I'd write a post about princesses.

Like many young girls I grew up on Disney movies and therefore harboured a desire to be a princess. Belle was always my favourite (especially since she made reading cool) though Ariel was a close second! So this afternoon to celebrate publication day I'll be curling up with Beauty and the Beast and some cupcakes : )

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But what actually makes a princess? Disney definitely taught me that it's about more than a sparkly tiara and a pretty dress. It's about having a good heart and being strong.

In Paper Princess Tilly dreams of being trapped up in a tower, waiting to be saved. But she doesn't yet understand the true qualities that a princess must embody, and as her own world starts to change beyond recognition she'll be forced to search for these qualities within herself.

I'm so excited to hear what people think of Tilly's story. And I hope that in honour of the book's release you'll all unleash your inner princesses! I'm definitely a Belle but who is your favourite princess? Let me know xoxo

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