Monday 21 September 2015

When the Words Won't Come

I was inspired by my friend (and fellow Hello Kitty lover) Anabelle Bryant after she wrote a post about author's secret indulgences, and how they cope with ironing out tricky scenes and characters.

It got me thinking about the ways I tackle a nasty case of writer's block or sort out a few characters who are refusing to behave. Whenever I feel like I'm hitting or wall, or I'm approaching a really important scene that I know I need to nail I tend to do one of three things. This magical trifecta, though woefully mundane, never fails to pull me out of a slump. I've even planned out new books, extended a scene and killed people off while doing them (only in my mind, of course, lol). So let me share with you my three fail proof ways to help bring forth the words when my mind is feeling stubborn -

I take a bath.

Wallowing in bubbles seems to do more than just ease away my troubles. It helps me focus solely on what's going on inside my head which at times is actually useful. I'm a bit of a bubble bath fiend and love throwing in heavily scented bath bombs and oils.

I take Rollo for a walk.

I'm fortunate enough to live right by some really beautiful woods. Weather permitting I tend to walk my cheeky canine companion, Rollo, on a daily basis, usually after I've finished writing for the morning. Watching Rollo chase after squirrels offers my mind a chance to relax a bit, kind of like having a bath does. I tend to use the time to think about future story ideas and then come back home and jot them down.

I go for a drive.

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Whilst I don't advocate adopting my questionable driving style, when I'm off on a long drive my mind does tend to wander. With my music playing I find it quite easy to drift off in to my own thoughts (while, I assure you, never taking my eyes off the road). A long drive in the country can do wonders for my WIP and by the time I pull up back at home I'm refreshed and have ironed out all the annoying kinks in the plot.

So there you have it. My three go to responses to the wretched writer's block. What do you do on day's when the words just won't come? I'm always open to new suggestions : )


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