Monday 17 August 2015

How to Summer in Avalon

Bring Sunscreen

The temperature in Avalon can get extremely hot so use protection. That said…

You May Need a Raincoat

Thunderstorms aren’t uncommon and they can be intense. You have been warned…

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Don’t Expect to Make Friends

Avalon isn’t known for its hospitality. If you need directions you’d best just use google maps…

Unless you have Secrets

Secrets are like currency in Avalon. If you have a good one, you’re suddenly everyone’s best friend

Secrets Stay Buried

But be careful what you do choose to share during your stay. Secrets that enter Avalon rarely tend to leave…

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Avoid the Sherriff

That sneer on his face is there especially for you, since you’re an outsider and he hates those…

Take in a Football Game

Looking for something to do? Try checking out the Avalon Angels, the town’s High School Football team. Their season hasn’t been so great this year though…

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You Can’t Escape the Past

Avalon is still haunted by the tragedies that have occurred in town. Try not to let any of the ghosts that are lingering there follow  you home…

Enjoy your Stay!

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