Monday 15 September 2014


Today is another one of those days where loads of things seem to be happening. I find that the life of a writer tends to be like that, things in terms of intensity can go from zero to a hundred without any warning! Saying that, I knew today was going to be crazy but in the best possible way!

Firstly, the sequel to First to Fall, Second to Cry is released today! I'm so excited to share what happened next for Aiden in Avalon with everyone! If you've not read the first book in my Avalon series, it is currently on offer for £0.59/$0.99 which leads me to my next piece of exciting news...

Today a wonderful promotion I'm involved with has kicked off. Some amazingly awesome authors of thrillers and mysteries kindly asked me if I wanted to be involved with their September book sale and of course I said yes! All of the books involved are on offer for the next two weeks and if you visit the website for the event you can win a $10 gift card! Awesome, right?

So do check out Thrills and Suspense for 99 cents and if you Tweet about it, please use the #LFFF tag! It is a great way to be introduced to some new writers and get some wonderful books at a crazy low price!

On top of all that, I'm in the middle of edits for my upcoming YA release so things are super busy but I wouldn't have it any other way! I'm off to have a celebratory ginger biscuit in honor of Second to Cry's publication day! 

Until next time!


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