Monday 30 June 2014

I Don't Watch TV All Day...

Lately some well meaning family members and friends have been inquiring about how I spend my days as a full time writer. I can always tell by the inflection in their voice that they have this image of me spending countless hours in front of the TV whilst they are out working hard for a living. It doesn't help that I'm alarmingly aware of all Grumpy Cat's movements thanks to Twitter and already caught up on #OITNB. But to answer questioning minds, here is a standard day in my life as a full time writer;

  • I get up. No, not at noon. At eight as that's when the shower is free. Then I eat breakfast and hang out with my dog, Rollo.
  • After breakfast my mornings are dedicated solely to my writing. I have two laptops. One isn't connected to the internet and it is on this one I spend my mornings working on my WIP and doing freelance work. I don't know why but I always prefer to write early in the day, it must be because my mind is fresher. 

  • I have daily targets that I have to hit. My current quota is set at 4k but that can go as high as 8 or as low as 2 depending on current work/editing commitments. I'm a stickler for a schedule and have all my projects planned out months in advance and rarely deviate from the plan.
  • When I'm done writing I walk Rollo. I live right by some woods so we are a bit spoiled for choice when it comes to walking routes. Being with Rollo helps me relax as usually at this point in the day my mind is still racing from all the plots I've got bouncing around in there.
  • Lunch. This is where I maybe start to procrastinate a bit. I use lunch as an excuse to catch up on my favorite TV shows. At the moment I'm watching Pretty Little Liars. 
  • Since all my writing has been done in the morning I dedicate my afternoons to responding to emails, I hate to keep people waiting if they've contacted me, and promoting my published books. Sometimes some more TV viewing might creep in there along with the consumption of far too many snacks. But I simply couldn't chain myself to my laptop and write content all day as I'd lose the quality. 

So there you go! I don't just sit and watch TV all day. I watch it sometimes during the day! I love what I do and know how incredibly lucky I am to be able to dedicate my life and my time to my writing, and also to Grumpy Cat! 


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