Monday 28 April 2014

I Don't Write Alone

Since everyone loved Rollo so much when this post was featured on I thought I'd share it on my blog too! 

I Dont Write Alone

I think that the most unique aspect of my writing habits is that I don’t write alone. Whenever I sit down to write I am joined by my two year old Cavalier, Rollo. Normally he sits either across my shoulders or on my lap. The latter can be quite tricky when I’m trying to balance my laptop on my knees to write. Sometimes he snores or barks in his sleep so loud that it can be hard to concentrate!

He’s my constant companion and when I need to clear my head or focus on some story ideas I take him for a walk in the woodlands near my home.

Writing can be such a solitary pursuit so it’s nice to have some company with me throughout the day when I’m working. And sometimes he attempts to contribute by tapping his paw upon the keyboard!

Below is a picture of Rollo watching me write

He's even sat on my shoulders right now while I update my blog!

Thanks Rollo, for always being there to lend a supportive paw! 

Have a lovely week everyone xoxo

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